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. the remainder from government and the public sector, for which we have the resources. see our savings rate in the worst year was 30%. in the best year was 36% of gdp. pick any number between 30 and 36. if our incremental capital output ragio, what economists call icar is about 4, a potential growth rate is about 8%. and if we continue to grow at 8% for say seven years or 8 years or 10 years like china did at 10% for over 10 years, it compounds. and we become a giant economy. >> does it also mean, though, that what you hope, earlier, i mean first, the reason we have such a high savings rate, india and china, is because there is no social safety net. >> that is one of the reasons. the other reason is tradition. traditionally indians are savers. even the poor save. >> rose: but why do they save? >> it's a cultural trait. >> rose: but you hope it will be reduced, don't you, because you want them to be good consumers, good spenders. >> the saving rate may decline in the medium term. but i don't see a rapid decline in the short term. incomes will rise. people will spend. but i think they will al
there is a huge opportunity for investors to come toindia. >> rose: do you insist as some governments do on it being a joint venture with the government? >> no, not at all. in most areas we allow 100 percent fdi. and can choose a spot now, a private partner, if he wishes to choose a private partner. in fact, we don't encourage him to have a joint venture with the government. >> rose: but do you insist on a joint venture with an indian company. >> no. >> rose: so there are no restrictions. if you want to invest, if you want to bring your business to india, it's pretty much open and unrestrained? >> in most areas it's 100% fdi. in some areas there are caps. >> right. >> supposedly there's a catch 74% in telecom. the remaining 26% need not be a partner. it can be widely distributed to millions of -- >> but the 74% be what? >> fdi. >> fdi. in other words, foreign direct investment not they can invest in what is in india but they can't come in and -- >> they can bring in 74% of the capital. the foreign investor n 74% of the company. where the cap 174. but in many areas the cap is a hundred. c
between the federal government, academia, and industry to foster technology transfer. in particular, i'd like to ghlight h.r. 967's role in ensuring that the education of the future n.i.t. work force remains as -- an important component of nitr-d programs. i am hearing every day from large and small companies alike that the demand for skilled i.t. professionals is much higher than the supply. we hear this same mess a -- message from university faculty who tell us their computer science graduates are snatched up the moment they graduate, regardless of the health of the overall job market. this gap between supply and demand exists despite the fact that these jobs are among the highest paying and the most stable jobs in our economy today. it is imperative that we encourage more young americans n.i.t. e studies in the fields. in particular because of the stark racial and gender gaps we see in the programs, it is imperative that we encourage more young women and students of color to enter these fields. we simply won't be able to remain a global leader in these mportant fields without more -
legislative body. the document reflects the priorities and values of our government and our nation. while it is a document that it is a reflection of today, more important, it is a document that lays out a vision for our nation's future, the future for our children and the future that they will inherit. so now for the first time in four years, the american people are able to compare side by side the three competing visions for our future as proposed by the house, proposed by the senate and proposed by the president. two of these proposals would give to our children more taxes, more spending and neither ever reaches balance. there is only one proposal, the house budget, that would instead give to our children a balanced budget and a brighter future of freedom and opportunity. now is the time to choose the budget that reflects our american values. mr. speaker, the american people and future generations of americans deserve a balanced budget. i thank you and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, for five min
an unnamed foreign government to check on the older brother because the foreign government had concerns about possible extremist ties. the fbi fully scrubbed him and talked with him and they said they did not find anything according to the fbi officials and they reported back to the foreign government they found nothing but told the government to follow up if they had any more information and/or concerns the foreign government never followed up and that is why it was left. the older brother there was a passing interest in him but the word here is with channel 25 in massachusetts the younger brother, of the 19 year-old, dzhokar tsarnaev is down. as they put it and it sells like that is coming from chatter over the scanners he is down and as far as they know dzhokar tsarnaev is still alive. apparely that boat was a part of it in franklin street that call leading to further investigation by law enforcement and that is where shots were fired. we do not have official statements as to what has transpired or as to the condition of terrorist number two. in fact, although he is down we do not know if
exactly what he means and what the policy of this government is and if so, what specifically is he saying? >> i think u.s. policy for several administrations now both democratic and republican, have been to reject the notion of north korea as a nuclear weapons state. north korea signed the nonproliferation treaty. it needs to come back into compliance with its international obligations. obviously it does have an arsenal in being or at least the materials for a number of devices and on several occasions, we sought to negotiate with them to at least halt any further addition to that arsenal and then eventually to start rolling it back, to actually take steps as it did before to move towards dismantling the weapons arsenals, the weapons complex that supports it. again that's the kind of thing we'd like to get back to in negotiations, but i think it's up to north korea to demonstrate some kind of good faith that it's ready to get back on the denuclearization path. >> charlie: that should be a precondition to any direct talks. >> i think it has to be at this point in terms of we need some seri
the fallen and the nation pauses to rememb bob orr with the government's new marathon bombing revelations. elaine quijano on how boston paid its respects. and we'll talk to the neighbor who recently argued with one of the suspects. >> he was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used as an excuse to invade other countries. >> pelley: flooding in ten states along the missouri and mississippi. and don dahler with steve byrnes whose life was changed in the flash of a marathon bombing. >> i believe i had a guardian angel over my shoulder and i thank god for it because i know how lucky i am. captioning sponsored by cbs th this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. th pelley: good evening. the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing had a visitor today in his hospital room. a federal magistrate judge. he read dzhokhar tsarnaev his rights, informed him he's being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and she told him he could face death if convicted. according to a transcript of the proceedings, the judge concluded by sayi
, this is the world we live in. the governments and congress created the landscape in stock trading, and this is the game, and -- liz: okay, one of the points teddy makes here, and dan, you can weigh in, is open outcry. those of you who don't know what that means is humans on the trading floor who quickly make friends to calls in dc, what's going on, nothing, okay, versus a giant computer trading platform; right, dan in how important are the humans on the floor, and how did they reagent today and keep it calm? >> well, the human element has been pretty much eliminated from it because of the electronic element, and we packed off, the human side. i saw it drop down. someone pointed out, and i watch the morning, you know, obviously, something's going on. let's find out what's going on before we react. we started checking around, and in quick order, we got a hold of a press source that it was a hack and not true, so what's important to remember is a valid news source is one thing, but a twitter account, an ap account, you have to be careful. liz: amen. oil now, just the kinds of things,
not only from boston, massachusetts, but also of agencies of federal government looking for the person or persons who did it. and asking the question: what do boston and other cities do to make their citizens as safe as possible? we begin with the president of the united states who spoke this morning at 11:30. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. what we don't yet know, however, who is who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization foreign or domestic or was the act of a ma malevolent individual? >> rose: this afternoon there was a press difference by governor patrick and state and local officials, including f.b.i. officials in charge of the investigation. >> at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. importantly the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we're asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or date of april 15 in anyway that indicated he or she may target the
government had flagged him as a follower of islam. their uncle says tamerlan had changed other the years. >> seeing no purpose in life but to pursue the path of god. >> reporter: the people here in massachusetts has been rallying around the victims all week. well-wishers have come to this memorial in downtown boston to live mementos. chris kennedy said the tragedy bonded the community. >> we'll just appreciate our fellow citizens more. >> reporter: many here say they're glad this week is over so life can get back to normal. cbs news has learned that one of the theories investigators are considering is that the brothers knew they were running out of time. they had explosives with them when they were driving on thursday and they may have been looking for one last target. >> all right. thank you. >>> several vigils held tonight for the victims of the four-day siege, this one in wilmington was for m.i.t. campus officer sean collier. the 26-year-old had been on the job only a year when he was shot to death, presumably by one of the two bombers. there were similar gathers in downtown boston an
, circulated through the government, which says the suspect that we're looking for, the fbi is looking for, may be in a vehicle, may have left the area. this suspect here, d sfwlnch hokhar tsavraev, a fugitive wanted in the bombings in boston. may be in a vehicle. we're not sure about sharing his identity of the source, says he may be going in a southbound direction. they believe he might be driving a gray honda crv. a gray honda crv and the registration is 316 es 9. a massachusetts plate. i'll say it again, we haven't had time to put it on the screen. so you can take down this note. not a sure thing, a bolo, be on the lookout time bulletin. connecticut state police and also mirrored by other authorities. the suspect they are looking for might be driving a gray honda crv. 316es9, massachusetts plates. we'll get this into a more readable graphic so you know what we're saying this is important. because they are worried, among other things, that the man is potentially heavily armed, may be carrying explosives, and they -- they don't know where he is going, if he's -- if he's trying to flee or migh
to here? >> well i want to know whether or not the government has any idea who might have sent these. we were told in connection with the letters were sent to the republican from, senator from mississippi, that if it came from someone who had repeatedly sent angry letters to the government before. does the government believe that these, the sender of these letters is the same? in other words, is he an equal opportunity potential terrorist to go after republican senators and democratic presidents? jenna: judy, sorry to jump in there but i just got more news into our urgent queue where we get information coming from reporters and producers on capitol hill. apparently one senate aide telling rich edson who works at the fox business network, capitol aide is saying there is suspicious package in the atrium and suspicious envelope on the third floor they're looking at here. let me check one more thing before i go on from the secret service. i will read through some of that. judy, we want to put all of this in context too. sometimes in the nice in a series of stories you get overwhelmed by biza
what is the russian government saying about all this? >> well, jeff, the russian government sd tha ty e assisting the united states investigators anyway that they can. but there are a lot of questions being asked about russian security services, maybe the same way the united states, how this person that was identified and flagged to be the fbi in the u.s. wasn't stopped when he was here. we spoke to a security analyst, somebody who keeps an eye on russian intelligence services who said it was shocking that here is a guy who is already on russian intelligence radar able to come into this country last year, pass right through moscow's airport and go right to this turbulent area of dagestan, right through, again, and back to the united states without ever being stopped or ever being questioned. >> jeff: charlie d'agata in moskow tonight, thank you. across boston today people gathered to pray, sing and to remember those who died. as elaine quijano reports tonight, one service took place outside near the marathon's finish line. ♪ with brotherhood ♪ ♪. >> reporter: just down the street
and respond to the situation as it unfolds. and i've directed the full resources of the federal government to help state and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate that. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the president saying we still do not know who did this or why and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. that remains true at this moment as i speak to you. security has been stepped up around the white house this evening and passenger cities around the country from miami to new york city to los angeles. joining us from boston, katy turr. can you tell me the late nest boston in terms of where people are, what has been closed off and what the state of the city is now hours after the attack? >> it's ve
of the nation's busiest airport. >> the government needs to get their act together. >> tsa, putting a temporary hold on the controversial policy change that would have allowed small >> a proposal to make it illegal to buy tobacco unless you are 21. >> and at the location where he dropped -- >> innocent men, women, and children. you get paid for it. >> which is your strongest -- >> honestly i don't know. >> is there someone we could call. >> freedom rock woodstock, and his songs were an an them for a generation. richie havens has died. >> i was never in show business. i was in the communications business. >>> a rookie news anchor clemente, thought his knife was off. >> by the way, a.j. was fired today. >> and, man, that sounds like an idiot. >> this morning's eye opener presented by prudential. >> wel "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. welcome back. >> good to be back. >>> the hospital treating the marathon bombing suspect was turned into a courtroom from his bed sineok charged with use of a weapon of mass destruction. >> it appears they were not
little the government knows, how little he know we don't know who did this why it was planned or executed foreign or domestic. why say that? does the president know that people are listening to every word he said including those who might be responsible? >> of course. the president wants to reassure the american people that the government is on the trail so to speak and that justice will be done. the president has to be careful. he has to be sure that he has got as much information as he can about what is now a forensic effort to understand how this attack unfolded. so i am not surprised that very little has been said yet. this is obviously an act of terror. it was obviously an effort to maim as many individuals, and as many innocent citizens as possible. but the president has to be very careful, not to give out information prematurely here and it's entirely possible too that they -- they want to be certain that they are not tipping off those who might have been responsible. >> secretary rice good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> good to be with you.
by the government. if convicted he faces 15 years in jail. >>> back home a bay area anniversary forced to change gears for the first time in over 100 years. san francisco marked the 107th anniversary of the great quake. kpix 5's elissa harrington tells us that was not enough to break tradition. >> reporter: that's right. organizers did have to scramble to make some last-minute changes but all in all, ceremonies went off without a hitch including the painting of the historic fire hydrant in the mission district, a fitting color considering firefighters tell me it's worth its weight in gold. it's an annual tradition in san francisco a day of events to commemorate the 1906 earthquake starting at 5:12 a.m., the exact time the ground started shaking. this year, there was a bit of a shake-up. police activities shut down part of market street near lotta's fountain forcing for the first time morning ceremony to move. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: about 200 people plus cars and fire engines, even mayor lee took it up the street to union square. the fire chief says it still started on time. >> it speaks volum
of harsh draconian measures. ultimately, the people responsible for the torture regime are the government officials who made the key decisions, but the fertile soil into which the seeds of torture were planted were provided by the commentators, pundits and law professors who made it seem acceptable in the minds of the public in the wake of 9/11. that is why the after math of an event like boston, we have a duty to fight the darkest impulses in ourselves, in our fellow country men and women, to make clear to our leader that is we desire security and justice and the application of the rule of law. that there is no reason that our remarkably capable law enforcement officials and courts can't handle apprehending, trying and convicting the perpetrators of this slaughter and it is why i was so angered and disappointed when i saw david weigel report that susan collins said this today. what do we do once we capture the individual? how is he treated, if he's an american, then the constitutional protection pertain. if he is a foreign national, he should be held by a military tribunal and not read h
, seriously. regardless of where the investigation leads, he stresses that the government is a friend of the united states. he says don't try to link this crime in boston to the chechnian nation. just interesting. [ knocking ] >> stephanie: that was pretty speedy. [ knocking ] >> and tamerlin spent some time in russia before all of this happened -- >> his dad lives in russia. >> stephanie: interesting. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. let's go to greg in long island. hi, greg. >> hey, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. you want to tell me that i am wrong about everything. >> caller: yeah, you are wrong about everything. [ laughter ] >> caller: but i just have to tell you that i really love you guys. you are so -- absolutely hilarious, and it's entertaining, and i got other conservative buddies of mine to watch your show. >> stephanie: oh. >> caller: and it's just -- i mean -- the jim voices, and chris is a pisser -- >> i'm what? >> stephanie: you are a pisser. >> a pisser? okay. >> caller: but the thing is you are wrong about everything. >> stephanie: awesome.
government to the governor's office, a massive outpouring of help. at this point, the town is secure, there are plenty of law enforcement officials stationed around the town. there will have to be some relief at some point, because people can't stay here forever. there will be some relief at some point. dcs is here, they are state wide. brought in troops from all over the state as well. [ inaudible question ] >> one more time. >> firefighters, do they need water? >> i don't know. somebody asked me firefighters methods, i have no clue, other than to know that they were here, they knew it was a chemical issue, i'm still fairly confident to tell you those folks knew what they were doing, i don't know what apparatus they had. >>. [ inaudible question ] >> that threat level has dropped significantly since it started. i know last night about 10:30, that was a real threat, especially for officers in the area being very flammable, very explosive. the fire was under those tanks, and it's my understanding now, that fire is under control, and i think hence the safety of the threat level has dro
. >>> the bombing suspects are ethnic chechens. now the russian government is interested in a trip that was taken to russia by one of the suspects. charlie d'agata has more. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, anthony. russian investigators are working .united states to try to determine whether there are any direct links with tamerlan tsarnaev and any militant or terrorist groups in the region. a government spokesman we spoke to today said so far that investigation has turned up no ties. we've also been speaking to neighbors over the phone this will dagestan. they said he spent most of his time working on renovating a store front for his father. his father said he never spent any long periods of time away from home. in an interview with russia today his aunt was quoted as sayiwas curious about religion. in another interview his mom said her son was under constant fbi surveillance. during the six months in dagestan, tamerlan would have been exposed to high levels of fighting between insurgents in the area and russian security group. the terror group, the most feared t
was off of his meds he would start fearing the government. but taken together between what happened in boston, the scary images from texas, and oh by the way, somehow ricin is arriving at these mail facilities. there's no connection between any of them but the overall connection is something that could be very frightening to a plot of americans as they look up and see all of these news reports, and at least early on not a lot of clarification particularly in the ricin case whether this was connected or not. >> stephanie: and may i just say not the brightest bulb and seems to have been under the impression that the president opens his own mail. but we are still seeing again as we did monday this call -- fbi, because now we have this -- this second brother who -- who as you say they are not exactly sure where he is, but they are saying if you see this person anywhere call the fbi immediately right? >> yeah, and there was a report earlier they were asking people to look for a honda crv that was on its way to connecticut, police have put out a bulletin saying that
theater didn't start there but they gathered their eventual victim there even at government buildings in moscow. so some of the more extreme elements have a history of violence, and they're increment senate about -- in industrial nat about it -- indies -- indies -- -- they're bad guys. >> any war, russians against russians, is going to be brutal. we have not gotten our brutal the russians were because the russians don't allow the journalists to go into the nrth caucuses but it's an eye for an eye war, and the russias have been fighting the afghans since 198 and we've been there since 2001 so a large number of chef chains are battle trained and able to give instruction to other people -- >> neil: do you think with what happened here? the feeling seemss to be, originally when this happened, we're focusing on those two guys, two brothers, were fairly confident that it's these guys, and by inference only these guys. then haired from another -- a number of other security experts who say, well, for them to have carried out what they carried out, they had to have some help. they had to have
out. i can tell you this, that we have offered the assistance of the federal government to the governor and to our local county leaders and so we're ready to respond if we get the call. >> when wl grow to texas, ngressman? >>'m not sure at this point. i know we wrap up our session today so my hope is to get back as soon as possible. >> can you tell us what your count is of those who have been killed or injured? >> i'm aware of the casualt coun the lal leaders have asked me to leave that to them for the announcement, and i'm going to honor their request. >> can you tell us what you think caused the explosion? >> well, it's difficult to know at this point in time, but based on what i heard, it was probably an industrial accident of some sort. >> the dallas "morning news" is reporting this morning that the plant reported to the epa that it presented no risk of fire or explosion and that the worst-case scenario would be a ten-minute release of ammonia gas that would kill or injure no one. so how did this plant so drastically underestimate the type of damage that could occur?
behind them and told everyone the president, in the federal government to treat this as a terrorism investigation. build it gradually s >>> a 78-year-old man was about to finish the boston marathon. >> i had a good day and i was feeling really good. >> then the first of two explosions knocked him off his feet. it didn't keep him down. we'll hear bill iffrig's story this morning. >>> officials say no one expected this attack so how can cities protect the public from unexpected danger? former new york mayor rudy giuliani will offer some lessons from 9/11. >>> plus we'll show you how the people of boston rushed in to help the victims on "cbs this morning." wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. walgreens can help when you're at the corner of "allergies" and "even more allergies." come to walgreens for expert advice and the right products, like claritin bonus
batteries. one issue for the hearing is whether the government gives aircraft makers too much authority in safety testing. >>> 6:15 now. let's check with elizabeth. w's itlooking? >> it's been great. it's been super quiet all morning long. barely any accidents anywhere. i know. i was trying to get it out. here's a live look towards the airport out of town 101, this is in south san francisco near south airport boulevard. everything is moving at the limit. let's check the south bay now. this is 101 near the mckee exit. northbound picking up a little bit in the last half hour or so but overall, it's not a bad commute. over at the bay bridge they turned on the metering lights just before 6:00. so we are left with this delays in cash and the fastrak lanes. it looks like it's stacking up to the 880 overcrossing now. so 15 minutes maybe to get you on to the bridge. we have not seen any incidents, no hot ot unfortunately or fort this is just your usual from"a" street towards winton b so a heads up towards the san mateo bridge. westbound 580 is a solid backup. brake lights from 205 out of trac
to severed limbs and head injuries. president obama pledged full resources of the federal government to figure out what happened and who is responsible. >> obama: people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the of the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the fbi immediately took charge of the investigation and started following up on leads. last night they swarmed a 5th floor apartment in rev veer massachusetts, taking out evidence in multiple bags. they are still looking for any photos, audio, or video that people may have from being there at the race. we're back after the break with more news of course, stay with us. drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigrati
menace behind them and the president and the federal government will treat this as a terrorist investigation, build it gradually so the case >>> wind advisory in effect. and breezy approaching the bay. temperatures in the 30s and 40s in most spots. 52 into fairfield this afternoon. warmer, upper 60s inland. and 50s toward the coast. warmer less wind over the next few days. >>> a 78-year-old man was about to finish the race. two explosions knocked him off his feet. >> officials say no one expected this attack. how can the public be protected from unexpected danger? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani offers lessons from 9/11. >> how the people from boston rushed in to hadn't the victims on "cbs this morning." wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. walgreens can help when you're at the corner of "allergies" and "even more allergies." come
talked about some religious books that saudi government provides to religious organization in u.s. contain this income renting a language. that would. is that what you are talking about. >> that is only one director wolf is right he spoke about it i am saying you have muslim brotherhood, and these two, terrorists you know are connected to networks in chechnya, dagges dagestan theree other networks, the body of jihadi literature is source of radicalization. adam: let me ask you, if the 19-year-old never left u.s. after he was 11 years old, that would mean he got trained, if you are right, here in the u.s. >> all scenarios are possible, he could have been trained here, back in 2002 there was a terrorism trial in virginia, there was a so-called paint ball jihad team, training here allegedly to fight in middle east, look. you could fight here. the training could be done here, outside. most important is income indoctrination. >> i think we have good analysts s in our bureaucracy and intelligence agency we need a policy at level of administration to intercept this and a good solid dis
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